Photo from mid 1980’s by Art Sarno

Born in the sleepy town of Ridgefield, N.J., the inspirational surroundings of Toni’s   childhood set the groundwork for her love of writing,  music and art today.

Music surrounded her since the day she was born, and by the age of 3 she was singing “A spray of Tulips in Heather” with her mother, in full harmony!

While growing up, Toni’s mother was instrumental in teaching her the power of the pen, giving her an appreciation for anything well written. She began writing poetry at the tender age of six, and musical lyrics by the time she was eight. She has won awards for both her music and her essays, has had numerous articles published in various newspapers over the years, has experienced the excitement of having her poetry appear in a number of anthologies, and has been recently published after writing a piece about the do’s and don’ts regarding “Beach Weddings”.

From observing her Father’s love of architecture, Toni learned to read and comprehend blueprints by the time she was a wee 4 years young. Her grasp of abstract concepts has become the foundation responsible for her ability to design almost anything. Over the years she has worked as a facilities designer for several major corporations and has designed and remodeled numerous homes and townhouses. She is the sole designer of her “Island Cottage Oceanfront Inn and Spa” and acted as the general contractor overseeing each phase of the construction process. Today she is putting her talents to  good use working side-by-side with her husband, designing and laying out the interiors for the custom boats he builds.

Toni’s recent book “Writings in the Sand” is a memoir of her amazing  life and the challenges she faced through the years. She has also written a cookbook which features many of her family recipes, short annotations about the background surrounding many of these recipes, mouthwatering  photographs of the culinary treasures within the book, and lovely snapshots of her Inn which rests along the pristine coastline of Northeast Florida in the quaint, beachfront community of Flagler Beach.

Toni was recently back in the studio where she recorded her newest country originals on her CD “For the LOVE of Country” and her  Holiday CD “Celebrating Christmas with Toni”  – BOTH NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.

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Future projects include:
1- A book about her husband’s boatbuilding career at “Treworgy Yachts”
2-A travel journal focusing on a loop from Florida to the Arctic Circle of Alaska and back
3-A book on Miracles
4-A “How To” book on running an Inn
5-A book of Toni’s Poetry and Art

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