“The Ebbing Tide”
“Treworgy lived an idyllic life in the New Jersey suburbs until her father started drinking heavily and her mother was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Her father’s alcoholism eventually broke up the family, despite attempts at reconciliation. Treworgy moved around with her mother and brother and struggled in school, but she showed grit, holding a series of childhood jobs to help support the family. As an adult, she continued to work hard, … launching a musical career leading a local band at lounges and resorts. Following a divorce and her mother’s agonizing death, Treworgy landed a position with a big insurance company and moonlighted as a model. Later, she sold and invested in real estate, eventually losing everything when the market tanked. Unfazed, she moved to Florida and bought beach property with the dream of someday starting an inn. … Treworgy has produced an energetic, strangely appealing homage to steady toil in the familiar American tradition of Horatio Alger and Ben Franklin. Industriousness and moxie conquer all. This modern tale about hard work and faith surmounting all hurdles should inspire readers who believe in the “persistence and prayer” that the author advocates to overcome setbacks.”

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Toni - Book Cover The Ebbing Tide
Toni Treworgy "Writings in the Sand - A Memoir"

“Tantalizing Temptations”
25 full color pages including photos of the delicacies served at the Inn, … plus photos of each of the rooms.

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