Various Promo Photos from Toni’s Music Career

Toni on the Joe Franklin Show - 1970's
Toni  with Dave Saunder's Band - 1980's
Toni with Dave Wilkens on Drums - 1980's
Toni - 1970's Promo Shot - Nyack N.Y. - Photographer Mike Hitzig
Toni - 1970's Promo Shot - Nyack N.Y. - Photographer Mike Hitzig
Toni at her Island Cottage Inn, 2015
Toni - 1970's Promo Shot - Nyack N.Y. - Photographer Mike Hitzig
Toni - 1970's Promo Shot at Hook Mountain, Nyack -  Photographer Mike Hitzig
Toni In Lake Hopatcong Nightclub - 1970's
Toni - 1980's Modeling Promo Shot
Toni - 1980's Promo shot by Artie Pomerantz
Toni - 1980's Modeling Promo Shot
Toni at fer Inn in Flagler Beach
Toni - 1980's Modeling Promo shot on Sailboat
Toni - Modeling Advertisement "Netaheat"
Toni -  Singing at Blue Ribbon Inn - 1980's
Toni - Singing at the Blue Ribbon Inn - 1980's
Toni - With Dave Saunders Band 1980's
Toni - Record Jacket FRONT - 1980's - Photographer Artie Pomerantz
Toni - Record Jacket Back - 1980's - Photograph by Art Sarno
Toni - Winner Song Fest 1983
Toni - with Wedding Band - Late 1990
Toni - 1980's Promo shot by photographer Art Sarno
Toni - Portrait from Island Cottage - 2015
Toni - 1980's Promo shot  by Arti Pomerantz
Toni - 1980's Ad - Toni and Silvermoon
Toni - 1980's Record Release Invitation Card
Toni - 1980's Newspaper - Vocalist cuts Disk
Toni - 1980's News Article Dave Saunders Band
Toni - 1980's News Article - Cutting Record
Toni - 1980's Promo shot - Photographer Artie Pomerantz
Toni - Posing with Bobby Bare during Record Release Party 1980's


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Below are Toni’s You-Tube videos of her original songs.
“Both Sides of Time” was recently written and is currently receiving air time.
“Take Me Back” and “Remember” received air time across the United States and Abroad in the late 1980’s.
They have recently been re-recorded and are also receiving air time today!

  • “Remember” is a Country Waltz love song
  • “Take Me Back to the Carolina’s” is a Country Crossover tune
  • “Both Sides of Time” is a song written about Love, Loss and Hope

Toni was recently back in the studio recording her country originals onto a CD – JUST RELEASED on AMAZON, Spotify, I-Tunes etc.
Follow her on FACEBOOK for event announcements and CD release dates.


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